Purpose Fuelled 
Performance In Life & Work To Max Out The Good In You.


What does the Grow Good Guy do?


"He brings the depth of thought of Russell Brand, the energy of Tony Robbins and the humour of Greg Davies!"

I deliver inspirational, motivational, memorable and impactful coaching and training to individuals and organisations to help them achieve meaningful goals in life and work by tapping into the potential of their purpose fuelled performance. All so that you can max out the good that you can do.

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What epic work can we do together?

My delivery style brings a whole new level of energy, inspiration and learning.


I combine ancient ideas and philosophies with the latest modern research and deliver it in an approach that has been described as a hybrid of a game show and a concert.


Dad jokes and bad dancing are a free bonus...


Get B Corp Certified
Looking to get B Corp Certified or interested to know if it's something your organisation should look into?

In Pursuit Of Purpose

12 week 1:1 or group coaching for individuals and teams that want to tap into the superpower that is purpose fuelled performance.


Sales With Soul

6-week super-impactful sales training package for purpose-driven entrepreneurs and teams that need to sell more to make more positive impact.

Purpose At Work


Facilitated sessions for organisations that want to start the purpose journey but are not sure how to start or navigate a successful course.

Put it all together for Purpose Fuelled Performance

Put all the above elements into your organisation and we can do some really epic work together by bringing Purpose Fuelled Performance to life like this:

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