60 Day Challenge

60 days to a more Purpose Fuelled version of you!

I've participated in a few of these like the 75 Hard Challenge and have pondered on creating my own one as I found that they are useful tools to get some new rituals embedded into your life.

This challenge has been designed to utilise tools based on ancient philosophical ideas, backed up with the latest research to create a more connected, contented and purpose fuelled version of you.


All you gotta do is the below list of daily activities. It can all be done in around an hour once you have it bedded in.

The catch is this - if you miss an activity or skip a day you're going to have to reset and go back to day 1.

If you want to get the most out of it and share your journey with other amazing humans like you come and join the Purpose Fuelled Performance Community on Facebook.

Have at it and feel free to invite others to the group to get in on the action.

Get posting and sharing your books, wins, acts of service etc in the group to help other people get some great ideas!

Click on the image below to download a pdf or take a screenshot of it - whatever works for you. 

Grow Good Challenge.png