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Press Release 11/09/19: Proof Christchurch is now NZ’s impact business capital.


Following Kathmandu’s announcement yesterday, Ōtautahi is now the home of 12 internationally Certified B Corporations, evidence our city is leading New Zealand in the global ‘business for good’ movement.


Certified B Corporations meet the highest standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability - it’s like Fair Trade certification, but for the whole business and not just the bag of coffee.


The latest local businesses to announce their certifications are Kathmandu, Ngātahi CommunicationsFlashworks Media and Kilmarnock Enterprises - giving Christchurch 12 out of a total of just 29 Certified B Corporations nationwide, including eight listed in Auckland and five in Wellington.


At the time of its announcement, Kathmandu has become the largest Certified B Corporation in Australia and New Zealand.


Brand-new B Corp Ngātahi Communications also announced their certification yesterday, achieved through their focus on supporting social impact organisations and local diversity, equity and inclusion projects. 


Video production company Flashworks Media achieved its certification in July. Becoming a B-Corp was the perfect fit due to their strong focus on the environment, their community and their people.


Not-for-profit Kilmarnock Enterprises became the worlds’ first charity B Corp in June for their work empowering adults with a range of abilities, and their sustainability initiatives.


Other well-known local B Corps include Ethique, Banqer and Brown Bread. The global network of B Corporations includes 2933 companies across 64 countries and 150 industries.


For more information and interviews, contact:


Tim Jones, B Corp Ambassador for New Zealand: 021 288 2363


Hannah McKnight, Ngātahi Communications: 027 3444 396


John-Jo Ritson, Flashworks Media: 0210423946

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Grow Good - Certified B Corp

And I am a B Corp Ambassador for NZ. That's great but back up the truck! What exactly is a B Corp?

B Corp certification is to sustainable business what Fair Trade certification is to tea.

B Corporations represent an emerging group of companies that are using the power of business to create a positive impact on the world and generate a shared and durable prosperity for all.

Certified B Corporations have undertaken the B Impact Assessment, scored over 80/200 points, and have signed a term sheet that declares that they will consider all stakeholders in their decision making.

We're working to be the best for the world, not just the best in the world.

Grow Good’s impact model is two fold:

  1. To work with individuals and businesses that are seeking to make the change and lead a purpose led existence. 

  2. To work with mission driven businesses, social enterprises and other B Corps to scale their impact and increase the pace of positive change.

My mission is to make New Zealand the most purpose driven country in the world.

​Come help me.

Below are the snapshots of my impact reports:


So how do you become one?


To get certified you must complete a rigorous assessment that explores a company’s governance, transparency, environmental and social impact.

To get started on that just go to the B Impact Assessment and get started.

If you get stuck or need some assistance on undertaking the certification then please make contact and I'll be happy to help advise you on your way forward.​


Need help on the journey?

I am available to help you and your organisation establish if you are a good fit for being a B Corp.


I can also assist you on the journey to Certification as well as with ensuring purpose is fully baked into your organisation at all levels.



Grow Good Ltd, 

PO Box  7366 

Halswell Christchurch

8245, New Zealand

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