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Here's a range of tools and content to help you get on the to the path of purpose fuelled performance.


Free E-Book

"To B Or Not To B"

Get a FREE copy of my e-book "To B Or Not To B" to help you understand the what, why and how of B Corp certification and it's the thing for you.

Free E-Book "The Why & How Of Business For Good"

Get a FREE copy of my e-book "The Why & How Of Business For Good" to help you start the purpose conversation at work.

Sales With Soul Mini Training


In this brief but punchy training, you'll get an overview of the 6 elements that are critical to you being able to sell with soul and avoid the sleaze.​

Get your pen and paper handy because there is a tonne of content and value coming your way.

In Pursuit Of Purpose Mini Training


What is purpose? Why do we need it? What does life and work without purpose look like? Most importantly how can you connect to more of it in life?

All those questions and more will be answered whilst you go in pursuit of purpose.