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High impact coaching.​

We are walking on the same journey. As a social entrepreneur and business owner I fully understand the trials and tribulations that you are and will continue to face.

The success of any enterprise is fully dependent on the ability of the founder/owner to thrive and flourish.

But it is all to easy to be swamped by feelings of uncertainty, imposter syndrome, stress, anxiety etc or feel that you just need someone in your corner that gets your mission and can keep you on track.The lizard brain is that part that has that little niggly, squealy voice that tells you not to do it. Really useful when you're about to walk across the road. Not so useful when you need to change the world.

I work with High Impact people that are stepping up and need to achieve great things. More than likely they are stepping into the unknown and need to be given the confidence and tools to ensure they thrive where every part of their body is urging them to stop.

HIC is a 10 week programme that covers mindset and growth tactics:​

  1. Goal - where do you want to be?

  2. Identifying and removal of limiting beliefs - what is stopping you achieving your vision?

  3. Creating a new identity - who must you be in order to get what you want?

  4. Identity boost - create a technique for calling on super high levels of ability on demand.

  5. Sales mindset - specifically look into how you feel about sales and what needs reframing.

  6. Sales strategy - how are we going to get to the revenue goal? Identify your customers.

  7. Sales strategy - why should they buy from you? What's your pitch and USP?

  8. Sales skills 1 - basic tips and tricks to increase your chances when selling.

  9. Sales skills 2 - basic tips and tricks to increase your chances when selling.

  10. Wrap up and any final considerations.

Other options.

If a 10 week programme is not your thing I also work on a weekly or monthly basis for a fully tailored solution for your needs.

I'm also comfortable working as an advisory board member for businesses that need purpose and growth  help.

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