Having done some work with Meridian Energy, it seemed only right to help them back by supporting their Kakapo Recovery Programme.

And so Bluster Murphy became the latest and some would say most awesome member of the Grow Good team!

Working with the team at Inspiring Stories I have worked with two cohorts of students in Christchurch to help them better understand the role of sales in a start up business.

It's fantastic seeing the energy and enthusiasm of students that want to make a differnce in the world.

I am a regular mentor and speaker at the University of Canterbury. 

Working with the UC Centre for Entrepreneurship is a great way to give back but to also see some of the amazing ideas that are coming out of tertiary education.

The Ministry of Awesome is well, just that.

I'm a frequent contributor to what they do on many levels and am always happy to give a talk for free!

I've been super lucky to have been given the opportunity to speak at the Ministry of Awesome's Coffee and Jam #211 SEWF Special & Coffee and Jam #230

The Climate Challenge is an annual two-day conference for young New Zealanders.


It aims to challenge stereotypes about who can be a leader, equipping high school students with skills and connections that they need to be leaders in their communities.

I facilitated a 60-minute training event around helping these future leaders remove limiting beliefs to ensure they make maximum impact.

Starting Good is a social enterprise virtual summit.


Bringing together speakers from around the world, this global event was all about providing impact driven entrepreneurs with the skills they need to succeed in business.


It's not often you get to say you shared a stage with Muhummad Yunus, even if it's a virtual one.


The Emerging Futures Summit was an online summit aimed at helping students to solve global challenges with groups of experts.


Charity has been popularised for centuries as a noble cause, but real change requires influencing social drivers to ensure charity is not needed in the future.

This session I was a part of explored new ways of thinking around affecting social change and also showcased some alternative business models for entrepreneurship.


EnviroPAST: Plastic and Sustainability Talks
was a two-day conference for New Zealand's youth (ages 12–24) to learn about and engage with environmental issues.


EnviroPAST provided these young people with opportunities to learn from and act on new environmental knowledge in unique and interesting ways. It was a real pleasure to support this event as their MC.


I was more than happy to help Sarah and the team as a facilitator and coach.


Know Your Purpose, is all about supporting teenagers to develop the life skills they need to live happy and fulfilled lives.

When a global pandemic strikes and a load of highly skilled and motivated humans get made redundant what do you do? You start a club. That's what Jessie did, and I was stoked to be able to offer them a free 90 minute purpose workshop.

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