Lead With Purpose

The time is now.

Customers, employees and investors are all demanding that business behaves in a more transparent and accountable manner.  How long can your business survive without those three elements?

It's like a replay of 2007. Choose to be Nokia or choose to be Apple.

Either sink into irrelevance or lead the way in a paradigm shift. Step up, show leadership and choose to bethechange.

On the positive side there is overwhelming evidence that businesses that have a real purpose are here to stay and will do better than their Business As Usual peers.

Beyond that, what does legacy really mean to you as a business leader? A load of $$$$ in the bank, or knowing that you made a real dent in the universe...

My #bethechange transformation programme gives you a purpose benchmark and from there we work to introduce and scale purpose in your organisation.

The #bethechange programme is a 12 month journey of purpose.

That all starts with an initial conversation and an assessment of where you are at. 

If after some initial conversations we want to progress the path to purpose you can undertake  the  #bethechange programme that is outlined below:

1. Explore

  • Purpose health check

  • Understand the relevance and importance of purpose to your business.

  • What could your purpose be?

  • Understand the social enterprise ecosystem and where you can be most effective.

  • Why do you do what you are currently doing?

  • Conversations with senior staff members around their purpose

2. Connect

  • Map the impact that you are already having, positive and negative.

  • What are the signs of purpose that already exist?

  • Map the journey of purpose from initial to deep purpose.

  • Connect the why of the individuals to that of the business.

  • Create  mission, vision, values and purpose statements.

3. Align

  • How can we best deliver positive impact?

  • What activity do we stop, start and maintain to deliver our purpose?

  • Link your purpose and impact to the UNSDG's.

  • Ideation of specific projects/ideas/services to serve your purpose.

  • Undertake B Corp Certification

4. Embed

  • Ensure purpose is embedded in the organisation.

  • Establish the B Keeper and Purpose Teams to ensure purpose is maintained and built on.

  • Map out sales and marketing strategy and story telling capability of the business to effectively communicate the good work.

  • Set improvement objectives and begin exploring again.

Start on the path​ to Purpose.

Each journey is going to be different, but the key is to start where you are now. Start by connecting with me for an initial discussion.

Download an overview of the #bethechange programme here.

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