Thanks For Being A Guest

Here are some details about how we'll do this and what to expect when we make the podcast.

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Thank you so much for helping me spread the word of purpose and help more people go in pursuit of it.


To ensure that we make your experience as good as possible here are some things for you to know.

We'll record the interview via Zoom or on Linkedin Live Stream so that we have video and audio content. The content will be put on YouTube and Anchor FM which then distributes to a range of podcast platforms. If we do a LinkedIn Live the content will also be on LinkedIn.

A link to the call will be sent to you in the meeting invite which will be organised via Pipedrive scheduler.

We'll need around 70 minutes for the complete interview. 5 minutes at the start to check the sound quality and tech, 60 minutes for our chat and then 5 for a debrief.

Please find a quiet area with good WiFi to ensure we can hear you and don't lose you! You'll also need to make sure your computer is set to "do not disturb" and/or turn off notifications. If you have a mic or webcam that also helps with the quality.

Don't worry about preparing too much - you'll be a pro and I won't bite.

Typically we'll cover the following concepts on the call:

  • What does purpose it mean to you?

  • When did you first connect to it?

  • What stopped you from connecting to it?

  • Why do you think purpose is vital for humans and organisations?

  • If you are a Certified B Corp I'll also ask you about that.

  • What does a world without purpose look like?

  • How good could a world on purpose be?

Once we have the interview captured I'll edit and add an intro and outro. 

When it is scheduled to be published I'll let you know so that you can share the magic with your networks and help spread the word of purpose!

Thanks again and really looking forward to sharing your journey and how purpose fuelled performance shows up in your life!