Making the impossible possible!

So here it is! The BIG B Corp announcement at last!!

A massive and well deserved welcome to Kilmarnock Enterprises!

Ok, so they may not be as big as some of the brands that some of you thought I'd be announcing but this one is real special one.

That's because until Kilmarnock, no charity had been allowed to certify as a B Corp.

What they didn't know though is that Michelle Sharp won't take no for an answer!

And so she and I worked with Andrea De Almeida and Mindy Leow at B Lab Australia and New Zealand Ltd and then the Global Standards Committee at B Lab to show them that charities that trade for impact are no different from for-profit entities seeking to make a change.

Kilmarnock has a long and proud history of social change for good and this is another piece of pioneering work from the team.

Check out my interview with Michelle below where you can see how important this was for her and the team.

If you want to know more about B Corp and why and how you can certify your business and transform to being a BFG (Business For Good) check out me free e-book here or drop me a line.

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