Now's the time to commit to impact.

I do some alright stuff at Grow Good. And that includes running a business and building a community of people and organisations that actually gives a shit about the planet and us lot all trying to survive our turn on it. And that's at the heart of everything I'm trying to do with my life from now on. Grow Good is a certified B Corp, so what? Well B Corps are all about making positive impact by focusing on being the best for the world, not the best in it.

To even get your business certified as a B Corp is a big deal. Most normal businesses struggle to get 40/200 points (you need over 80 to pass) so to get over 90 is pretty legit. I've historically been pretty bad at celebrating personal or business wins, but stuff that now! I'm super proud of myself, that I navigated my way to the position I am in. For making the jump from the old corporate world to the world of impact. To a place where I will be able to stand up (or sit in a chair more likely) when I'm 90 and say "I took a stand to make the world a better place for more people." To be able to tell my daughter Daisy I did my best to not screw the place up for her and her peers. But here's the thing. Some of you reading this get this social enterprise, hippy, greeny whatever you want to label it stuff, but many of you might not. That's all cool, but if all of you highly educated and connected people chose to do more good, imagine the world we could be in and what we'd leave for our kids and their kids? Food for thought? Over to you! I'm off for a well earned celebration. After all, saving the world ain't easy. If it was we'd all be doing it! If you think you've had enough of the old world and want to have a chat to me about how you can start transitioning to a life of purpose and impact then call me on +64 21 288 23 63, email me on [email protected] or connect with my via the messenger app on this website. No one ever regretted doing good, what have you actually got to lose? #Purpose #BCorp #Impact


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