Purpose coming in your ears!

Not another muppet with a podcast!? Yeah sorry...

But this one is AMAZING! As the Feedback so far proves -

"Fantastic" "Nice interview rooster!"

"Just listening to your podcast. Loving it. You need to get in front of more people. Brilliant stuff."

It's been on my list to think about for a while as I LOVE talking to people about BIG topics, especially purpose and meaning in life.

So without further ado, I'm excited to announce the birth of my podcast:

In Pursuit of Purpose with The Grow Good Guy

The first episodes are up and so far include chats with:

- Catherine Van Der Meulen THE Entrepreneurial Woman With Purpose

- Michelle Sharp where we talk all things purpose in business and B Corp - Ian Harvey's interview of me on my journey in pursuit of purpose and an overview of B Corp in Aotearoa - And a recording of me talking about purpose - this is a great intro into the idea of purpose, why you need it and how to connect to it.

You can listen to it on one of 10 different platforms including iTunes.

So, if you are seeking the feeling of meaning in your life, maybe join me as I aim to unpack what exactly this purpose thing is so that you too can go in pursuit of it more easily.

P.S. Got someone in mind that you'd like me to interview about Purpose or B Corp? Tag em in the comments below and I'll make it happen.


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