You gotta just keep this rolling.

"I get deep, I get deep, I get deep, I get deeper, Into this thing, The deeper I go, The more knowledge I know, What to sing, What to bring.". Fatboy Slim 'Song for Shelter'

You most likely discovered something over the last three weeks, particularly if you live in Christchurch.

You’ve just discovered what purpose feels like through a mini-subconscious awakening.

You’ve connected way more deeply to your own feelings.

Yes, even staunch fullas have shed a tear - I know I did.

You’ve asked yourself how you maybe contributed to this event happening.

You’ve had elevated levels of empathy, compassion and service

You’ve performed random acts of kindness. Paid for that person to have a coffee on you, you’ve held the door open for a couple of extra people.

You’ve donated time, materials and services to help out people in need.

You’ve witnessed how these acts of kindness have spread from person to person - because doing good is contagious.

You’ve taken a stand for positive change where before you were a bystander.

Ultimately, You’ve searched for meaning where there can be no meaning.

But how long will you keep this up for?

How long before you stop caring quite so much, you not interested in helping that person out?

How long before it's back to them and us on some level in some way?

How long before you return back to the old habits that are entrenched?

Have the cracks started to appear already?

Because without sustained focus on changing your old ways you will return to the safety of the known behaviours and ideas based on your tribalisation patterns that make up your subconscious operating system.

What then, if instead of waiting for the next massive tragedy and disaster to bring these feelings to the surface you chose as an individual and organisation to embed empathy, compassion, service and love into your daily existence?

Because that is actually our natural predisposition. Humans are designed to seek meaning, service and connection. We just get distracted from that in the day to day business of existing until we have the next tragedy or personal near miss.

So, remember the feelings you’ve just had, and how through the tragedy there was monumental levels of good that came. Reconnect to it and see how you can keep this good vibe rolling.

Because just imagine if the action of every Kiwi, of every organisation in Aotearoa was based on service. On connection. On aroha. Imagine the place we could create if we had the displays of compassion, giving and empathy we have just witnessed every day and for ever.

#Purpose #Meaning


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