Get Purpose At Work

Purpose is the ultimate limitless fuel source for you and your organisation. Get it at work in your organisation.

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Purpose is the mega-trend that organisations need to get their heads around. If you nail the purpose at work piece you'll be rewarded with the opportunity for:


  • Increased profitability

  • Increased team performance

  • Increased team engagement 

  • Attracting and retaining the best talent

  • Gaining more raving fans


But where to start?


Well, try me and book my two foundational 90-minute workshops "Get Purpose At Work" and "In Pursuit Of Purpose".


In these, we explore what purpose is, why it's vital for us, how it works and most importantly I'll show you the mechanisms for you and your team to connect to purpose and begin to get that purpose fuelled performance at work.

The outcomes of the sessions will mean you:

  • Have clarity on what purpose is and why you need it.

  • Help your team connect to their purpose.

  • Understand how the individual's role contributes to the organisation's purpose.

  • Help your team understand why they do what they do and the meaning they get from that.

  • Provide insights as to where you could implement more good and therefore increase your levels of purpose fuelled performance.

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Get a copy of my e-book "Purpose At Work - The Why & The How Of Business For Good" and get clued up on why purpose fuelled performance in the workplace could be the thing you've been looking for. 

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Don't just take my word for it...

Entrepreneurial Women With Purpose

"Tim brought so much energy, insight and thought-provoking analogies to the session, our community left in deep wonder about their next moves both personally and professionally.


The value that Tim brings to the table not only supports to embed the key principles of B Corp but also to grow your business in a meaningful way for the greater good of the world."


“One of the things we did with Tim was his Purpose at Work workshops. They were incredible, but I found that the most challenging part.


Defining purpose and really thinking about things on a more visionary level is a tricky, abstract thing to work a team through, but Tim did a wonderful job helping us navigate that.”


"Tim delivered a great session that truly challenged us to think about our purpose and why we are doing what we do.

And he did it in a really engaging way, that got the whole team talking and interacting. This will all helps us stay focused on tasks that add value, and engage with our teams on another level."

Wao Summit

"I just wanted to say Thanks! It was a great workshop, with all the right questions and plenty of inspiration.


We're going through a lot of growth/transformation/ resetting our goalposts in our business and this workshop will certainly have an impact on our decision making and thinking. You're doing great work, keep charging!"

Society of Diversional Therapists 

"Tim's energy was fantastic, but also the topic he delivered truly resonated with all attendees.


He makes what seems a really complicated topic a simple and practical one.


Tim was not just inspirational, but everybody at the end of his presentation was left empowered and wanting to learn even more."