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Everyone in our team understands the concept of purpose and we have a clearly articulated purpose statement that the entire team understand and believe in.
We have a clear understanding of what purpose in action looks like and can easily identify purpose washing.
We know who all our stakeholders are and we operate in a manner that supports shared thrival for all parties.
We measure and report the social and environmental impact of our organisation and it is audited and verified by a 3rd party.
All team members fully understand how their work contributes to the organisations success and that success provides a meaningful social and environmental contribution.
We are fully connected to all our stakeholders. We know in what ways we positively and negatively impact them and we take responsibility for improving our impact.
We have a clearly identified social or environmental cause that we are choosing to take a stand on.
Our purpose is fully supported by our values and actions. We walk the talk in EVERYTHING that we do.
We have clarity on what is stopping us fully living and expressing our purpose and have plans in place to remove systemic or cultural blocks to us making more impact.
Our purpose is our strategy. Our entire organisation is aligned behind our higher purpose and we measure our success primarily against our social and environmental outcomes.
We have evaluated our culture with a specific focus on purpose alignment and the attitudes and behaviours of staff consistently support our purpose.

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