Client Feedback

"He brings the depth of thought of Russel Brand with the energy of Tony Robbins.".


Don't just take my word for it. 

Below is a selection of client feedback.


One Summit - Business on Purpose

"I just wanted to say Thanks! It was a great workshop, with all the right questions and plenty of inspiration. We're going through a lot of growth/transformation/ resetting our goalposts in our business and this workshop will certainly have an impact on our decision making and thinking. You're doing great work, keep charging!"

"Very inspirational!"

"Super interesting workshop that has encouraged some great conversations, ideas and thoughts."

"A good kick up the backside!"

"Gave me a new perspective and opened my mind to a new framework for business"

"Incredibly insightful and promoted thinking in different ways in relation to my own business/life."

"Challenged my thinking - I was encouraged to tip traditional thinking on its head and take a new approach."

Average score by attendees was 9/10

Presentation to UC MBA Programme - Business on Purpose

"Tim presented to my UC Business and Law MBA students about business for purpose (and about life on purpose). He talked about the world beyond CSR and conscious capitalism, and challenged us all to think much harder about our responsibilities to ourselves, to others, and to the planet. Minds were blown while being thoroughly entertained. You know you're in good hands when someone can seamlessly shift between Nietzsche and Corona Extra."

Carl Davidson

Nexia Purpose

What they learnt:

"How to go about working out my purpose."

"Connected to my purpose at a deeper level and I now know that purpose is important."

"More about me and my why and what makes me get out of bed in the morning."

"At a high level hot to connect to why I do what I do."

"A good reminder that when my work is tough that my work has purpose."

"More about my purpose and what I stand for."​



Average score by attendees was 9/10

Meridian Energy #1

"Really enjoyed the content, well facillitated."

"Informative, insightful. Not a powerpoint presentation!"

"Very motivating and thought conscious. Really makes you think."

"Interesting content. Would recommend."

"Very motivating, would love to hear more."

"Interactive, relatable, factual."

"Makes you think a bit deeper."

Average score by attendees was 9/10

Meridian Energy #2

"Informal, chilled, good vibes. Good balance of us talking and Tim."

"Gets you thinking."

"Nicely paced. Nil powerpoints!"

"Really good, taken from a different angle."

"Ideas well presented. Group exercises very valuable."

Average score by attendees was 9/10

Bivouac Outdoors

"Excellent material, really makes you think."

"Great presentation, easy to understand. Motivational and inspirational."

"It was fun. Encouraged interaction, was a safe space and encouraged honest thought."

Average score by attendees was 9/10

Eagle Protect - NZ's Founding B Corp

"The session was a targeted and much more modern approach to sales." 

"Tim presented great content with awesome energy as a speaker."

"His friendly and to the point presentation was brilliant."

Average score by attendees was 10/10 - BOOM!

Public Purpose Workshop

"Best talk ever on Life and Purpose!" 

"Tim thank you so much for today!"

"Actually incredible to have you."

"You were awesome. Thanks so much."

Positive Mindset for Positive Impact - Delivered in conjunction with Not For Profit Solutions

10/10 - "It's been excellent."

10/10 - "Great speaker, excellent communication."

10/10 - "If someone needs a boost and reframe of mindset."

9/10 - "Informative and engaging."

Average score by attendees was 9/10

Positive Mindset for Positive Impact - Delivered in conjunction with The Akina Foundation

10/10 - "I think that this is invaluable and everyone needs to learn about this."

10/10 - "Great! Especially how we worked in groups."

10/10 - "This is stuff we all need to know."

10/10 -  "Useful, bitesize course with "handy" takeaways to actually implement."


Average score by attendees was 9/10

Research First #1

"Engaging and thought provoking."

"Engaging facilitator."

"Useful and engaging. Focused reflection."

"Good excercises, good content, good way to work together."

Average score by attendees was 9/10

Research First #2

"Hit the mark!"

"Good way to share ideas."

Average score by attendees was 9/10


"Your delivery style was excellent and really resonated."

"Plain English, good content, easy to relate to."

"Easy to understand, in a good environment with good interaction."

Average score by attendees was 9/10


"Good engaging and tailored content."

"Focused and relevant to the business."

"Challenged but not uncomfortable."

"Tim is personable and gives straightforward advice."

"Customised to exactly what we needed."


Average score by attendees was 9/10

Agency - Australian B Corp

"Tim is an excellent human. We worked with Tim to sharpen our ability to partner with clients. He helped us to hone in on the shared value exists between Agency and our clients, and gave us great insights into organisations and people with whom we work. On top of that, Tim was a clear, and engaging communicator and facilitator, who got the most out of each workshop we had"


​"Tim is outstanding, and has been a key part of our business getting 2x revenue growth ever 3-4 months at the moment!! We’d love to have him back again soon."

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"Tim has a way of explaining situations and ideas that helps to make sense of them. He provides structure, accountability and practical advice for making small changes to your life so that you are ready for the big changes that you want to make. ​I’ve gained better perspective on my current situation and now I know where my focus should be."



"Ever since I have known him, Tim has been on a journey to connect sales with ethics. I believe he has now found his medium and will make a significant impact on the way we do business."



"I engaged Tim because I was having a crisis in my life and needed some support through it. I have been blown away by Tim's authenticity, knowledge and ability to point people in the right direction. His support has been truly life changing. Immense Gratitude Tim."



"Thanks again for taking time out of your day to spend with me this morning. It challenged me to think about aspects of myself and my role that I haven’t considered in an overly long time and I also learnt a heap of new things too."



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"Amazing presentation, powerful speaker! Tim used his own story and brought us all along by thinking about what matters on a personal level to be able to explain the bigger purpose, a world-level purpose! The most effective method I have ever seen in connecting to the speaker! My highlight: Be good for the world not just in the world!"


Event Attendee


"Inspiring. Engaging. Motivating. Tim is an inspiring speaker who makes great use of images and stories to engage the audience. This presentation is a must for organisations."


Event Attendee

"Thanks again for this morning – it was awesome 😊"


Lucy Hitchings - Event Organiser

In Pursuit of Purpose

Keynote to CAANZ Conference

"A huge thank you for your wonderfully inspiring talk at our conference on the weekend. It was exactly the right tone and provided some real inspiration for our trustees. The feedback has affirmed how much our team got out of your presentation and how we can apply the same principles to Trade Aid."

"I really enjoyed your presentation and it has inspired me so much as we are a growing 'Not for loss'"

Trade Aid National Conference

"Thanks so much Tim!!! We had a team talk last night and all agreed that you have been the most fabulous MC we could've dreamed of! Thanks so much for being on this journey with us and keep in touch. You were INCREDIBLE!!"


E Wen Wong - Event Organiser

MC - ENVIRO-Past19

"I wanted to formally thank you for working us on the 13th February on the very successful FLINT event in Christchurch. Thank you for taking the time to plan the evening with the team and then be part of the presenting team on the evening.


I’ve heard from the team on the night and since that we had a really engaged audience at the event and I’ve already had quite a lot of positive feedback from attendees about your presentation. Both the organisation and I personally appreciate your support of us and these types of event."


Craig Young - CEO TUANZ


"Thanks again for the thought-provoking discussion and your incredible ability to positively engage your audience - they came in strangers and left as friends after reflecting and sharing on their personal purpose and the legacy they want to leave behind. We would love to have you as a speaker again!"


Petra Jackson - Chair and Event Organiser


"Hey Tim, Thanks for coming to speak to us at our Flint event yesterday! A great presentation that really got me thinking about a raft of things; although I've always been concerned about sustainability, I feel like I have gained a new perspective on where I want to focus my energy. So, thank you!"


Event Attendee


Thanks for coming to speak to us Tim! Brilliant topic and very thought-provoking presentation - loved it!


Event Attendee


"Such a great speaker at our first FLINT event of 2k19! I for one know I will definitely be thinking more about values, not valuables when evaluating my purpose. This was a great opportunity for people to stop and think - what is my purpose? What is my legacy? Awesome night with great networking laughs and learning opportunities. Thanks so much again! Your presence and energy were so great to have."


Event Attendee

FLINT/TUANZ Future Leadership Event

"Your talk was truly inspiring and I am amazed that such work is being carried out in such a manner so close to my doorstep."

Coffee & Jam Talk

"His style is energetic, authentic and challenging. Your audience will be made to pause, ponder and consider and leave your event with a new sense of purpose"

MC for Book Launch

"It was a great evening and really nice to meet. You have great energy that just carried through when you spoke."

MC for Book Launch

"Thank you very much for taking the time to speak to us all today, I heard many positive responses. One particular stated that you were without a doubt  one of the best speakers we have had in, so congratulations. They are often a hard crowd  to win  but  I think you got them really thinking"

Speaking Engagement at University of Canterbury

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