• Business owners/founders of purpose/impact/sustainable/ethical businesses that need to sell.

  • Sales teams in purpose/impact/sustainable/ethical organisations.




  • Increased levels of confidence and motivation to sell.

  • Increase your revenue and customer base to create the most impact possible.

  • Serve more new clients and grow existing clients for shared prosperity and impact.


​I'm a world leader in training and coaching business for good how to scale their impact via increased revenue from increased sales capability. Taking the training and experience I gained in a highly competitive sales career and combining that with my deep understanding of for-purpose business my programmes are a potent mix!

I've worked with organisations from start-up to listed companies like NZ based renewable energy gentailer Meridian Energy. Regardless of your size or scale, if you are a business for good that needs to sell, look no further!


There are two parts to the sales challenge purpose and skill.


Business as usual generally doesn't have such a deep level of purpose as you do but they understand sales and how to do it effectively. They typically also invest in training and development to keep them sharp.


And this actually gives you a unique advantage.


Because it's easier to teach a business owner or team in a purpose-driven organisation how to be sales heroes than it is to work with an organisation to help them identify, articulate, connect and manifest their purpose.


And trust me I know because I do both of those things…


So, one of the quickest ways we can create change in the world is for all us businesses and organisations working as a force for good to level up, upskill and become Jedi Masters of sales and selling.



Eagle Protect - NZ's Founding B Corp

"The session was a targeted and much more modern approach to sales." 

"Tim presented great content with awesome energy as a speaker."

"His friendly and to the point presentation was brilliant."

Average score by attendees was 10/10 - BOOM!


Meridian Energy - NZX Listed Company

"Informal, chilled, good vibes. Good balance of us talking and Tim."

"Gets you thinking."

"Nicely paced. Nil powerpoints!"

"Really good, taken from a different angle."

"Ideas well presented. Group exercises very valuable."


Agency (B Corp)

"Tim is an excellent human. We worked with Tim to sharpen our ability to partner with clients. He helped us to hone in on the shared value exists between Agency and our clients, and gave us great insights into organisations and people with whom we work. On top of that, Tim was a clear, and engaging communicator and facilitator, who got the most out of each workshop we had"


CoGo - NZ B Corp

​"Tim is outstanding and has been a key part of our business getting

2x revenue growth ever 3-4 months at the moment!!

We’d love to have him back again soon."


Impact at The Impact Hub! Virtual Masterclass

​"I have to say I am feeling the most energised that I have been in weeks :) Tim that session was buzzing,

thank you so much for coming in and bringing the positive vibes to our

day and some practical take-homes for our sales approach!"​​​

"That. Was. Epic."


Positive Mindset for Positive Impact - Delivered in conjunction with The Akina Foundation

"I think that this is invaluable and everyone needs to learn about this."

"Great! Especially how we worked in groups."

"This is stuff we all need to know."

"Useful, bitesize course with "handy" takeaways to actually implement."


Taking my own learnings from way longer than I'd choose to admit career as a professional salesperson, I've curated this special 6 part program to help business for good sale without selling their souls!


This modern approach to selling WITH soul covers the 6 topics that most businesses don't do well enough. The result is that they don't make enough impact because they are in survival, not thrival mode!


Over 6 x 1.5 - 2-hour sessions we will cover the major areas of sales that will see you overtake

your business as usual competition!

1. Purpose

When you truly understand your why and the contribution that your product service has you will start to tap into that purpose fuelled performance!

2. Mindset

When it comes to selling and talking to other humans about $$$$ there are some specific limiting beliefs that affect ALL of us. We'll unlock those blocks and provide you with tools and techniques to maintain a peak state of mind on demand for shared success.

3. Influence

Selling is effectively your ability to help guide someone to make a decision that will be mutually beneficial. There are globally recognised ways of influencing people in a manner that is purposeful and not manipulative! 

4. Legendary Lead Generation

This is where the rubber meets the road. Who should you be targeting and how to find them and then reach out to them to secure a conversation? Jam-packed with tips and techniques to help you fill your sales funnel!

5. Running Great Meetings

Where most salespeople suck! Sorry peoples but this is where more often than not we lose potential customers because we bore them to death or soak them in our "product vomit". Learn how to run great meetings that get results.

6. Sales Process

Pulling it all together! Organisations that have a clearly defined sales process that they stick to WILL outperform their peers. So let's map out the customer journey and what you need to do to lead them through the valley of the shadow of sales deaths...



I'll work with you until you to increase your revenue until you have at least doubled your investment with me


Check out my Facebook group and connect with likeminded purpose-driven

businesses AND get access to free training and coaching.

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