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Purpose & Impact

Who am I?


I'm just an ordinary guy, trying to make the world extraordinarily good for more people.


Why am I doing this? 


It's not bad enough that this modern set-up is killing us slowly. The externalities of our lives and the organisations we work for are in turn having massive negative impacts on the planet and society.


My why is to liberate as many people that I can that are stuck in a life that is killing them, their family and the planet whilst also scaling the impact of those that are already a force for good.

That’s because I believe in a world where every human thrives, contributes fully and is free from major concern. Where we all live in a manner that is regenerative to the planet that we call home.

Everybody craves connection and wants to know that what they do of a day and ultimately of their life mattered. That they made a contribution.

My mission is to lead people to purpose so that they can live that full life of no regrets, in service of something bigger than themselves and co-create the future planet that will support all of us.




How did I find purpose?


I’ve been there.

Taking the money in exchange for my time, my life. And all of that on a trajectory that was set for me (unconsciously) by other people.

At first it’s all ok. But after a while something starts to feel off. You can’t put your finger on it at first. Then you find the loose thread. You start picking and pulling and soon the sweater starts to unravel.

For so many years I was living what I thought was a great life. But it wasn’t a good life. It wasn’t fulfilling. I wasn’t thriving and I most certainly wasn’t being the real me.

It was the sequence of earthquakes in Christchurch, closely followed by birth of my daughter that crystalised all this for me. Suddenly I had this shared responsibility for looking after this little life. At the same time though I looked at the world around me and couldn’t see how we were going to leave it in a better place than when I started out.

That seemed pretty sh*t.

What could I contribute to the world to make a difference?  I didn’t have any ideas for some new form of clean energy. I didn't have any connections with any powerful people that I could influence. I wasn’t an Olympic medalist or TV star who had a platform to push my ideas.

Real change though doesn't and won’t come from these few. It comes from each of us. We can all choose to be the change. We can all choose to Grow Good in our own lives, our families, our communities, our businesses, our societies.

We can choose the world we want and the world our children and their children will inherit. The future is not linear, there are as many potential futures as we can imagine.

And so that led me to establish Grow Good. A business as a force for good, dedicated to helping others make the change so that they, in turn, can help more people grow good.


Hopefully, you can be one of them too.


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