Check out my 5 programmes of work below and when you are ready, let's korero.

Purpose Fuelled Performance

This deeply transformative 12-week coaching programme is aimed at those that want to connect to their higher life purpose.


It's great for either those looking for a new direction in life for leaders that want to transition their business into a force for good.

Purpose At Work

Convinced on the why but stuck on the how?

This 12-week programme is for organisations that want to bring their purpose to life and become a true force for good in the world.


You'll also work towards getting your B Corp Certification. 

Prosper 4 Purpose

Mindset and sales training and coaching to ensure you make the change you want to see.


My 6 part programme is 100% focused on helping sustainable/ethically/purpose/impact led organisations and leaders to scale their goodness.

B Corp Certifed in 4 Hours!

I've helped certify the most B Corps in Aotearoa and can easily guide you through the process to successful certification in 4 hours!

Influence For Impact

Run with the team at Imaginal "Influence for Impact" is a leadership program for sustainability professionals who want to increase, amplify and accelerate sustainability in their organisations and in the world.​

Grow Good is a registered Regional Business Partner

And all of my programmes are eligible for funding. This means your local chamber of commerce or NZTE could part-fund your investment. Contact me to learn more about that.

I am also contracted by the Canterbury Employers' Chamber of Commerce to deliver training.


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